Film Locations in Cartagena (Spain) – The Cartagena – Spain (Region of Murcia) locations cover a wide range. Where a rich historical heritage of more than three thousand years is mixed; landscape variety of sea and mountains; large fields of cultivation; winding roads to make car action scenes … Etc.

The city of Cartagena has a rich heritage and varied filming locations. For all types of audiovisual recordings. Ranging from ancient Rome, through modernist buildings, shelters from the civil war, to crumbling neighborhoods. The latter have already been filming locations for war movies.

Another benefit of filming in Cartagena is how little exploited these locations are. As well as the tax benefits and filming fees.

Filming locations: Sea and Mount.

The municipal term of Cartagena includes neighborhoods and nearby places. Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Which, due to its little waves all year round, make it an ideal location for sea or underwater scenes. There are still, at its bottom, remains of Spanish galleons sunk by pirates.

We have the largest salt lake in all of Europe. With three volcanic islands in its center, separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a fine spit of land. This language, Manga del Mar Menor, due to its characteristics of tourist buildings, resembles Miami. In addition, in the interior of the Mar Menor, its temperature makes it the perfect location for shots of motor boats and wind water sports.

The light in the golden hour and the blue hour, make it wonderful in the sunrises and sunsets. It is, without a doubt, one of our most special filming locations.

Filming locations: Cartagena city

Located in the Murcia region, it is the second most important city. In the Spanish southeast. It has been inhabited by Phoenicians, Iberians, Romans, Arabs … who have left a very rich and varied architectural wealth. An almost totally built Roman theater. A town hall from the modernist era in white marble. A wall built by Carlos III. Numerous buildings from the Spanish modernist era, most of them built by Víctor Beltrí. As well as Arab streets, ruined or ruined buildings and a long etc.

Here we show you some of the most representative outdoor filming locations. What are you looking for? We sure have it!

In addition to public locations, we have a list of private filming locations to complete your scenes.

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