About us

About us: Where we are?


About us, first: The Cartagena Film Office, is located in the municipality of the same name. In the Region of Murcia (Spain).

We are a non-profit organization, under the support and supervision of the Cartagena City Council. Specifically, from the Department of Culture.

His management

So about us, we can also tell you that we belong to the cultural association “CulturArte of Cartagena“. Thus, two of its main purposes are: the creation of actions and activities aimed at the dissemination of culture. Above all, accessible to the public. Especially: the performing arts and Cinema and audiovisual.

Promote and disseminate the existing talent in Cartagena and the region. So we give visibility to its creatives and artists. We also advocate for a professionalization that strives for excellence. Since this city has been, historically, a cultural reference.

A citizen initiative

At the “Culture and Citizenship” Conference, held by the Cartagena City Council, we presented our project. The one we had been working on for ten years.

Unanimously by its members, it is approved in a participatory assembly.

Later, in Culturarte, we set the ideology, aims and actions of the “Cartagena Film Office”. In addition, the team of professionals who will carry it out.

Why Cartagena?

Because it is a town that has an unbeatable situation. As well as good communication with the rest of Spain. Also close to international airports.

In addition, its enormous wealth and cultural, heritage and landscape diversity. Consequently, something highly valued in film and audiovisual shootings. As well as other types of shooting: Its good weather all year round and its scarcity of clouds and rain. Which ensures compliance with the filming deadlines.

With the approval of the Councilor for Culture of Cartagena, the initial structure of the Cartagena Film Office is proposed. In addition, paying special attention to and taking care of gender equality.

For which, in addition, a “circular leadership” is proposed. Therefore, we add and row, all and all, in the same direction. Consequently, always functioning as a cohesive and democratic team:


Cristina Pilar Martínez

Cristina Pilar Martínez. Lleva "desde siempre" relacionada con la cultura y las artes escénicas de Cartagena. Fundó Visual Dreams, en dónde organizó, entre otras, el primer taller intensivo de actor especialista de cine en la región de Murcia

Cristina Pilar Martínez

Jose Amoros

Jose Amoros LIcenciado en comunicación audiovisual, tras el cual hizo un máster de Dirección de Fotografía en la ECAM (Escuela de Cine de Madrid). Con una amplia experiencia en el departamento de fotografía en #rodajes tanto nacionales como internacionales. Formó parte del equipo de VDreams Production Services que trabajó en el rodaje de la película "Me llevarás en tí",

Jose Amoros